Sunday, 30 September 2012

Just in case anyone reads this


Marc Jacobs are having the most AMAZING giveaway on their FB page!! What can you win? Well check this out....
A bag of your choice!
A purse of your choice (I'd pick this beauty which I've been eyeing up for agesss!!)
Oyster Card holder
Make up case
Hand and nail cream
Lip Balm
Moleskine notebook 

WOW. Enter using the link below and good luck everyone!

Competition Form

Ava xx

Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Ball Dress

So I had my dinner and did say I'd post a picture of my dress.....

Left: Yumi Dress Previous Post
Top Middle: Gorgeousssssssss Shoes from New Look for £5.50! They are black satin peep toes with gold trim detailling around the edges/ borders. The stiletto heels are gold top. 
Bottom Middle: Primark Hair Extensions (£6) (sorry I had to block out the logo on the tshirt)
Top Right: Me wearing the heels with patterned tights
Middle Right: French tips (did myself) , Primark Bird Ring (50p) and Champagne :)
Bottom Right: Primark Bangles (£1 each) and Vintage Gold Chain Bag

For some reason I don't have a full length picture of myself so had to do the above weird crazy art. 

I was no means the prettiest or nicest looking there but I liked my dress anyway :D

GHDs: yay or nay?

So my straighteners died yesterday.... (tbf they were from Tesco :S) so I've decided that I need some new straighteners. I had my hair cut a couple of days ago and the stylist straightened my hair afterwards with the Gold Max GHDs and I loved how it made my hair look. I can't believe at the ripe of age of 20, I've never used GHDs before!!!

Fortunately, it's my birthday (21st yay!!) in June so have added these straighteners to my wishlist. I've a few questions that I hope someone could answer for me if possible?
  • Are these GHDs good? I mean do you prefer the Scarlet ones or are all GHDs the same?
  • Are there better other brands ones out there I should consider?
  • Do GHDs really have a lifetime guarantee?


Monday, 19 March 2012


Hi guys,

Miss LV has got an amazing competition on her blog where you can win £40 of MAC cosmetics of your choice!!!! It's a pretty amazing comp as you can choose exactly what you get and so to enter just click on the following link:
Good Luck guys

Monday, 12 March 2012

Outfit of the Day

So my outfit of the day is....


What am I wearing?
  • Accessorize Pearl and Bow hairband (£2)
  • Peacocks Pearl Earring Studs (50p)
  • Tesco F&F coat (£35)
  • Green jumper dress from MK1 (Wow that's old!) (£1)
  • Primark Spanx style leggings (£4)
  • Primark Red Satchel Bag (£2)
  • Asda Leopard Print pumps (£5)

Total cost : £49.50 - pretty good for an outfit considering the coat was £35!

PS Excuse the odd shaped leg in the RHS picture - dunno what happened there!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Moon and Back

Random post here just declaring my love for Rizzle Kicks. I want their album so badly so am dropping hints left, right and centre for Easter!

Current favourites are:

And here's a random picture too :)

Courtesy of Rizzle Kicks Website
PS just in case anyone was wondering Moon and Back is a lyric in Dreamers and I like the sound of it

If I could have....

This is my favourite game that gets revived around exam periods. It's called If I could have (in this case, any 10 items I wanted from H&M, what would they be?) What can I say really - I'm a procrastinator :)

So what did I pick?

There are many variations of this AMAZING game including If I have £1000 to spend at... what would I get etc.... but those are the items I chose. 

Also the leopard pumps are gonna be mine next week - I love anything leopard patterned and those shoes tick the box for me :)