Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Ball Dress

So I had my dinner and did say I'd post a picture of my dress.....

Left: Yumi Dress Previous Post
Top Middle: Gorgeousssssssss Shoes from New Look for £5.50! They are black satin peep toes with gold trim detailling around the edges/ borders. The stiletto heels are gold top. 
Bottom Middle: Primark Hair Extensions (£6) (sorry I had to block out the logo on the tshirt)
Top Right: Me wearing the heels with patterned tights
Middle Right: French tips (did myself) , Primark Bird Ring (50p) and Champagne :)
Bottom Right: Primark Bangles (£1 each) and Vintage Gold Chain Bag

For some reason I don't have a full length picture of myself so had to do the above weird crazy art. 

I was no means the prettiest or nicest looking there but I liked my dress anyway :D

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