Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ball, Proms and Dinners

Hi, this year I have a special function to attend: the Halfway Ball put on especially by my university to celebrate our achievement. It's a formal event billed as a 'ball crossed with a dinner' and will be attended by the professors and tutors also so cue a panic attack about me having nothing to wear. I wondered the high street for a while and had a couple of backup dresses and then I decided to have a look in Yumi. I've never been inside before as I always thought of it as expensive but it's actually really reasonable with dresses from £10-£80. Eventually I found the perfect dress to wear - at the time I thought it was an 'alright dress' but I have generally found that things I think are just OK I will fall in love with after a few days and I was right!! Now I can't imagine wearing anything else.

So this is the dress......

Lace Dress from Yumi (my version is dark navy blue)

It's a gorgeous navy blue knee length dress which is great as I wasn't interested in a full length style being the short person I am. The top part is a knitted crochet pattern - it's like a vest with thick straps and from the waist it flares into a chiffony pleated style. It also has some crochet pattern at the hem for a bit more decoration. It is the type of dress that can be jazzed up with accessories or teamed with simple jewellery for understated look.

I also love the way the model has had her hair done and may do my hair like this to the function. I plan on teaming my navy blue dress with either black and silver or a deep purple and silver.

PS I will post more pictures of me wearing it on the night of the Halfway Ball later.
Sorry I've no pictures of the actual dress - my camera is so bad....

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