Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Ball Dress

So I had my dinner and did say I'd post a picture of my dress.....

Left: Yumi Dress Previous Post
Top Middle: Gorgeousssssssss Shoes from New Look for £5.50! They are black satin peep toes with gold trim detailling around the edges/ borders. The stiletto heels are gold top. 
Bottom Middle: Primark Hair Extensions (£6) (sorry I had to block out the logo on the tshirt)
Top Right: Me wearing the heels with patterned tights
Middle Right: French tips (did myself) , Primark Bird Ring (50p) and Champagne :)
Bottom Right: Primark Bangles (£1 each) and Vintage Gold Chain Bag

For some reason I don't have a full length picture of myself so had to do the above weird crazy art. 

I was no means the prettiest or nicest looking there but I liked my dress anyway :D

GHDs: yay or nay?

So my straighteners died yesterday.... (tbf they were from Tesco :S) so I've decided that I need some new straighteners. I had my hair cut a couple of days ago and the stylist straightened my hair afterwards with the Gold Max GHDs and I loved how it made my hair look. I can't believe at the ripe of age of 20, I've never used GHDs before!!!

Fortunately, it's my birthday (21st yay!!) in June so have added these straighteners to my wishlist. I've a few questions that I hope someone could answer for me if possible?
  • Are these GHDs good? I mean do you prefer the Scarlet ones or are all GHDs the same?
  • Are there better other brands ones out there I should consider?
  • Do GHDs really have a lifetime guarantee?


Monday, 19 March 2012


Hi guys,

Miss LV has got an amazing competition on her blog where you can win £40 of MAC cosmetics of your choice!!!! It's a pretty amazing comp as you can choose exactly what you get and so to enter just click on the following link:
Good Luck guys

Monday, 12 March 2012

Outfit of the Day

So my outfit of the day is....


What am I wearing?
  • Accessorize Pearl and Bow hairband (£2)
  • Peacocks Pearl Earring Studs (50p)
  • Tesco F&F coat (£35)
  • Green jumper dress from MK1 (Wow that's old!) (£1)
  • Primark Spanx style leggings (£4)
  • Primark Red Satchel Bag (£2)
  • Asda Leopard Print pumps (£5)

Total cost : £49.50 - pretty good for an outfit considering the coat was £35!

PS Excuse the odd shaped leg in the RHS picture - dunno what happened there!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Moon and Back

Random post here just declaring my love for Rizzle Kicks. I want their album so badly so am dropping hints left, right and centre for Easter!

Current favourites are:

And here's a random picture too :)

Courtesy of Rizzle Kicks Website
PS just in case anyone was wondering Moon and Back is a lyric in Dreamers and I like the sound of it

If I could have....

This is my favourite game that gets revived around exam periods. It's called If I could have (in this case, any 10 items I wanted from H&M, what would they be?) What can I say really - I'm a procrastinator :)

So what did I pick?

There are many variations of this AMAZING game including If I have £1000 to spend at... what would I get etc.... but those are the items I chose. 

Also the leopard pumps are gonna be mine next week - I love anything leopard patterned and those shoes tick the box for me :)

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ball, Proms and Dinners

Hi, this year I have a special function to attend: the Halfway Ball put on especially by my university to celebrate our achievement. It's a formal event billed as a 'ball crossed with a dinner' and will be attended by the professors and tutors also so cue a panic attack about me having nothing to wear. I wondered the high street for a while and had a couple of backup dresses and then I decided to have a look in Yumi. I've never been inside before as I always thought of it as expensive but it's actually really reasonable with dresses from £10-£80. Eventually I found the perfect dress to wear - at the time I thought it was an 'alright dress' but I have generally found that things I think are just OK I will fall in love with after a few days and I was right!! Now I can't imagine wearing anything else.

So this is the dress......

Lace Dress from Yumi (my version is dark navy blue)

It's a gorgeous navy blue knee length dress which is great as I wasn't interested in a full length style being the short person I am. The top part is a knitted crochet pattern - it's like a vest with thick straps and from the waist it flares into a chiffony pleated style. It also has some crochet pattern at the hem for a bit more decoration. It is the type of dress that can be jazzed up with accessories or teamed with simple jewellery for understated look.

I also love the way the model has had her hair done and may do my hair like this to the function. I plan on teaming my navy blue dress with either black and silver or a deep purple and silver.

PS I will post more pictures of me wearing it on the night of the Halfway Ball later.
Sorry I've no pictures of the actual dress - my camera is so bad....