Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Accessorize Ring

I have always loved Accessorize and own a few bits and pieces but lets be honest, £20 for a ring? That's some people's weekly food budget gone in one shot! But today I had a little look in store whilst I was waiting for a train and found a gorgeous ring down to £1. I have a feeling it is old stock (and it's now missing a pearl) so that's why it was cheap but oh well. I knocked the pearl off whilst wearing it - I bashed my hand into the counter - doh.
So the ring looks like this:
I guess you can tell I love statement rings

I do like this ring but think I like the fact that it's from Accessorize more than anything as I'm a bit of a label lover. It does fit exactly perfectly though which was surprising as I forgot to try it on in store :S. And finally a big plus is that my mum loves this ring and was worn it too. 

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