Friday, 3 February 2012

Miss Selfridge Clasp Purse

Last week's bargain was this absolutely gorgeous purse from Miss Selfridge. 

Front view with flash

Right hand side with space for 7 cards and 2 'long' sections for notes

Left hand side again with space for 7 cards and 2 'long' sections for notes

I'd been lusting after it on the website for a couple of months but finally got it last week - Miss Selfridge is a train ride away from me so waited until I needed to go there for other business and sneakily added a trip to Miss Selfridge in there. And was I glad I went! It was £16 and with the 20% student discount (down to £12.80) and a gift card - I paid nothing! It is black fake leather with gold clasps and gold decorative banding and a large gold plaque with Miss Selfridge stamped on it. My pictures are pretty rubbish but it honestly looks like real leather and the gold is in no way tacky. 

The best thing about this purse has got to be the fact it has so many compartments for cards and vouchers/ receipts - I have about 40 cards (no joke) and have a loyalty card for pretty much every shop so pockets were a necessity. 

Middle clasp coin part

The middle section for coins is actually pretty big - you can easily see what's in there and it can hold a lot of coins and the clasp will still close. If I had to pick a bad point about this purse it would have to be the fact that it is probably slightly too small!!

Overall I love love love this purse and would recommend it to people who need a big purse for daily use.

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