Sunday, 12 February 2012


The weather has been playing cruel tricks on us recently - I'm sure you all remember the hottest September in the world (maybe a slight exaggeration) and in the boxing day sales, there was a women wearing (I kid you not) flip flops!!!!!!! In December!!!! Anyhoo, it has gotten seriously cold over the last few weeks so I decided to invest in some earmuffs. I found the perfect pair in the first shop I walked into which happened to be GAP. They were £12.99 down to a bargain £2.99 and has been keeping my ears toasty for the last 4 weeks. 

They have a black/ dark grey/ dark brown fluffy fur which covers all of my ears and some of my cheek too. The strap is not adjustable which is a bit annoying as I have to wear them at a slight angle so they don't slip down but it's a minor point. I quite like GAP actually - I have found their sizing to be accurate for a change and that they have a LOT of classic designs which can be worn for years. I have bought a few bits and pieces for my work wardrobe over the last few months and am very impressed. 

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